Five weeks after our XAP 12.0 release, we’re happy to announce the general availability of GigaSpaces XAP 12.0.1 for download and upgrade!

XAP 12.0.1 builds on top of our XAP Open Source In-Memory Data Grid with great new features, tons of improvements and bug fixes. All GigaSpaces XAP customers are encouraged to upgrade soon.

XAP 12.0.1 New Features and Enhancements

Space Query Plan

The Space SQL Query Plan provides XAP developers with the capability to inspect the query execution plan, how many entries were scanned, and which indexes were used. This is especially helpful during space class modeling to make sure you have the right data model and query filters (read more).

MemoryXtend Windows Support

We’ve enhancement our multi-tiered data storage feature to support Windows environments.  XAP users are now quickly able to try out storage tiering and fast data reload features on Windows.

WebUI and Service Grid Enhancements

We’ve improved WebUI monitoring by enriching it with more information logging information for troubleshooting such as: generating hosts-dump files, service discovery information and a few others.


XAP 12.0.1 Upgrade

Please check out the list of enhancements below. For detailed information, head over to our XAP JIRA site at

XAP 12.0.1 Bug Fixes

  • XAP-11836 Cancel discovery of extra backup-Space after network disconnection after max retries
  • XAP-12028 Redo-log keeps growing when connection between server and local-view client can’t be established from server
  • XAP-12582 bypass active failure detector until recovery completes or fails
  • XAP-12793 Consumer threads are never released by SimplePollingEventListenerContainer
  • XAP-12814 Maintain instance SLA after network partition (for mirror & stateless)
  • XAP-12825 Web-ui shows aggregated statistics of both primary and backup Spaces
  • XAP-12837 Redo-log metrics stops after restarting the primary
  • XAP-12954 Unreachable lookup locator using unicast discovery causes a 90s delay before next lookup retry
  • XAP-12967 Don’t elect backup as primary if recovery failed for direct persistency
  • XAP-12970 Shutdown might be pending endlessly for replication to finish
  • XAP-12972 gs-ui takes lookup groups and locators setting from deprecated

Where Can I Download XAP 12.0.1?

Want to know more about XAP 12.0.1? Reach out via e-mail or meet us in person at one of our upcoming events in Strata + Hadoop World NYC or Spark Summit in Brussels. We’d also love for you to join our451 Group Webinar on October 5th. 

GigaSpaces Announces XAP 12.0.1 Release
Ali Hodroj
Vice President, Products & Strategy @ GigaSpaces
Ali Hodroj is the Head of Product and Technology Strategy at GigaSpaces, leading in-memory computing, big data, and machine learning/AI innovation. He’s responsible for driving the technology roadmap and vision for GigaSpaces products as well as strategic technology partnerships. He also held several other strategic roles at the company, including Director of Solution Architecture and Technology Evangelist, leading high-performance computing engagements within Fortune 500 organizations in finance, retail, telecommunications, and transportation. Prior to joining GigaSpaces, he served in technical roles at companies including General Electric, Intel, and Tektronix.
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