Today, every company in finance, retail, telecommunications and transportation has a fast data agenda. At the heart of this agenda is a scalable fast data application platform that enables three key imperatives.

First, optimizing business processes to streamline operational efficiency. Second, simplifying decision making in the moment by harnessing insights. Finally, gaining competitive advantage at the point of action and triggering workflows in real-time.

Therefore, satisfying the above imperatives is about harnessing massive compute and storage resources in the most risk-free way possible.

The GigaSpaces XAP in-memory data grid represents more than a decade and a half of R&D effort. The product significantly matured to scale all architecture tiers while being infrastructure-agnostic and cloud-ready.

Today, we’re expanding the product as the foundation of our next generation unified fast data platform.

We’re not taking a marginal feature improvement approach, but we are significantly expanding the product ecosystem by democratizing feature innovation through open source.

At the foundation of our innovation strategy is introducing the GigaSpaces XAP Open Source data grid.


This GigaSpaces XAP Open Source Edition will deliver on three key areas:

  1. Ability to use data grid engine for free to learn the full XAP API spectrum through developer communities;
  2. A core data grid engine that helps enterprises go from prototype to production without re-engineering;
  3. An extensible platform enabling organizations to disseminate the power of in-memory computing.

Why did we open source XAP core?

There are two fundamental reasons why we open sourced XAP. First, open source is the key to expanding the product community and ecosystem on a global scale.

Second, an open in-memory core accelerates the product ecosystem growth through open communities. This gives customers and users full visibility over strategic product decisions, features and quality.

What we’re able to achieve with XAP Open Source is bringing the capability, know-how and enterprise-readiness of in-memory computing to an exciting new generation of fast-data applications.

Beyond XAP 12: GigaSpaces Unified In-Memory Computing Platform

imc_platform Introducing XAP 12

The release of XAP open source is the first building block towards our unified in-memory computing platform. Our goal is to bridge the worlds of transactions and analytics in the most seamless way possible.

With such platform, enterprises could seamlessly transition from data ingest to insight and action. They will overcome the bottlenecks of building hybrid transactional/analytics applications. Instead, focus on becoming insight-driven and capturing the value promised by fast data.

Download XAP open source today and help us accelerate GigaSpaces’ product ecosystem.

Introducing XAP 12: Fast Data Meets Open Source In-Memory Computing
Ali Hodroj
Vice President, Products & Strategy @ GigaSpaces
Ali Hodroj is the Head of Product and Technology Strategy at GigaSpaces, leading in-memory computing, big data, and machine learning/AI innovation. He’s responsible for driving the technology roadmap and vision for GigaSpaces products as well as strategic technology partnerships. He also held several other strategic roles at the company, including Director of Solution Architecture and Technology Evangelist, leading high-performance computing engagements within Fortune 500 organizations in finance, retail, telecommunications, and transportation. Prior to joining GigaSpaces, he served in technical roles at companies including General Electric, Intel, and Tektronix.
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