Industry leaders from Société Générale, Intel, CapGemni, and ActiveViam took the stage at our Insight-Driven Organization Event in Paris last week to share insights and details about their approach on how to become an insight-driven organization.

The combination of thought leadership, technical content, and demonstrations resonated with the audience of enterprise executives. The participants recognized the importance of leveraging their massive amounts of data with real-time in-the-moment insights but were seeking the optimal path towards successful design and deployment.  Many questions concerning simplification of complex architectures, integration between multiple components & vendors, and use cases that can benefit operations and add value to their organization were discussed.

We’ve pulled together a recap of the highlights here for those of you who couldn’t make it.

Raul Davidovich from Capgemini discussed the value of interactions between people, places and machines and how platforms & ecosystems are the new place of competition.

“Data started as a necessary evil to support the information processing in the enterprise, and recently, data became an asset of the enterprise,” said Raul.  “Now data defines the enterprise, and the value of the enterprise is the value of its data, but very few organization are reaping true value from that data.“  

Raul also spoke the pertinence of content and time and how data loses a part of its value when it’s analyzed and leveraged too late. He went on to address design considerations and reference architectures which helped clarify to the audience the available and necessary platforms, frameworks, and applications.

Justin Wheeler from Intel spoke about the growing need for “Big Memory and Fast Data,” and the quest for the “ideal memory”—big, affordable, fast, and persistent memory that would allow for real-time access to affordable large databases. 

Intel is helping organizations address this challenge especially as they become insight-driven and require more memory for machine learning and AI workloads; Optane technology extends the working set by as much as 8x, and more cost-effectively than what you would pay for DRAM.

Justin discussed In-memory data grid architecture that leverages multi-tiered storage and can store data across RAM and SSDs transparently, accelerating access to data and maximizing processing, for extreme transactional processing and fast data analytics. 

The team from ActiveViam, including Romain Colle, Fabien Celier and Olivier Jolit, presented an exciting demo which “energized” the audience geared for discovering data insights via multi-dimensional analysis and visualization leveraging the integration of Excel Table Pivot, ActiveViam’s ActiveUI and GigaSpaces InsightEdge

The demo showed the many valuable insights and direct impact derived from the use of electricity patterns in the different geographical areas.

Gilles Prudent from the Data Service team at Société Générale (SGCIB) presented an in-depth description of how their Data Services application (SDS) is distributed between Paris, New-York and Hong-Kong in near-real-time to allow client applications access enablement for referential data. He presented how the fully available system, leveraging GigaSpaces platforms supports 100 millions of messages per day for reliable real-time service.  

Ali Hodroj from GigaSpaces spoke about how companies can gain a competitive edge with In-Memory Insight platforms through fast data, real-time analytics, and mission critical transaction processing. “Insight-driven transformation can happen at an unprecedented pace, accelerating intelligent applications through streaming analytics and continuous machine learning,” said Ali. Data-driven thinking is shifting from retrospective analysis (traditional big data) to just-in-time analysis and high-value decisions against live data.

So, in the spirit of insight-driven transformation, our goal was to discuss the most relevant information in a timely manner of just half a day to provide valuable insights to our executive breakfast attendees.  We hope that we were successful.

Download the full presentations here

You can also learn more about becoming an insight-driven organization at GigaSpaces Blog and from our recorded educational demos.

Insights from Société Générale, Intel, CapGemni, and ActiveViam: Recapping Our Paris Insight-Driven Organization Event
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