The first time I saw Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” Ted talk, I was inspired and awed by the simplicity of the golden circle concept, and watching it has profoundly changed the way I think and act as a marketing professional.  Mr. Sinek eloquently explains that “your WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires your organization” and impacts everything you do.  Knowing what you do and how you do it is quite straightforward, but very few people know why they do it.

 Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why”

Why do we exist as a company? That may seem like a simple question, but it’s amazing how challenging it can be for so many organizations who are fixated on their technology – the features, functionality – the speeds and feeds.

And for those who have worked with me over the years, what questions am I always asking? – “So what? Why are we doing this? What value is this bringing to our customers?”

Starting our Journey to Clarify the Why

So, when I started to work at GigaSpaces just over 6 months ago, we began a journey as an organization to clarify why we do what we do.  

Now, visualize me asking these questions to incredibly brilliant R&D folks, big data architecture experts, and professional service engineers.  I had no idea what to expect.  And yes, there were some of those confused looks that I have seen many times, conveying thoughts like “what is she talking about?” and “what does she want from me?” But the conversation started to flow and there was a lot of technical discussion about cloud nativeness, microservices, high availability, IoT streaming, deep learning, elasticity, scalability, hybrid transactional/analytical processing, closed-loop analytics, fast data lakes… Well, the list goes on.

However, I must admit that it was not as daunting as I thought it would be. The same underlying message began to emerge and resonate as we spoke with more people. A story about the complexity that our customers are facing as they try to capture, manage, analyze and make business savvy decisions in the world of massive amounts of data, began repeating itself. There were similar discussions about the competitive pressure they are feeling to launch new innovative services and achieve operational excellence; how concerned they are that their systems don’t crash and are safe from digital predators; how difficult it can be to achieve closed-loop analytics on transactional data.

I don’t think I can call at an epiphany, but the “so what? and why do we do what we do?” began to crystallize. Our customers want to innovate. They need to do it quickly. They need to focus on their creativity and not on the complexity that fast data analytics brings.

So there it was; clearly written on the wall (computer screen in this case). Why is GigaSpaces doing what we do for over 17 years? Why are so many of our customers, whether they are large enterprises, enterprise software vendors, software service companies, OEMs etc. innovating on our software platform for so many years?

Rediscovering Who We Are

We discovered three major themes – Trust, Simplicity, Creativity.

Innovate with Confidence slide

Trust – in GigaSpaces as a partner and in our in-memory insight platform, that handles mission-critical information at millisecond speeds, that simply never fails them.

Simplicity from every angle – a partner that is easy to work with, the way we work internally as a company; along with our product offering:  an open source platform that eliminates cluster sprawl and the number of moving parts in the complex world of fast data analytics.

Creativity – which is unleashed as our customers no longer need to focus on the complexities of handling their big data and can develop the real-time microservices apps with the necessary speed and confidence to gain that competitive edge.

In short, we aim to eliminate the doubts and the risks of delivering fast-data analytics and real-time applications and services, to accelerate our customers’ innovation to become an insight-driven organization.

And this is what GigaSpaces is about; why we do what we do, is to let you do what you do best – Innovate – Innovate with Confidence.

Communicating our Promise

The next step of our branding process was to align the way we communicate our promise to our customers. This was not easy as you might think. We thought about our customers, the financial institutions, insurance agencies, enterprise software vendors, transportation companies and retailers that are creating incredible applications which require a platform that supports high throughput and low latency workloads. To become insight-driven they are looking for advanced analytics on data in motion that can be leveraged on the spot.  Just think about the vast amounts of information that needs to be ingested, transformed and analyzed to trigger immediate impactful actions for improved operations and customer experience.

We were able to translate (after quite a few attempts) the fast data analytics environment along with our “why” into our new GigaSpaces logo. This is our new calling card and the visual recognition of the GigaSpaces promise. The logo represents the fast movement of data along with the bright colors that indicate the different impactful insights that are revealed in real-time.


We also shifted our tone of voice to represent the long-term relationship that we build with our customers.  Our teams and the services we provide can help with architectural design, deployment and any professional services that are needed to ensure a successful result with our software platform.

GigaSpaces video

Our Transformation, Your Business Value

As we integrate our brand into every aspect of our business, we embark on an exhilarating journey of transformation – similar with the journey that our customers are taking as they begin leveraging their data for better business value.

This is an exciting time for GigaSpaces. Our focus is on helping our customers leverage the intersection of fast data and microservices; powering insight-driven transformation at an unprecedented pace.

We are dedicated to fulfilling our promise of delivering on the “why.”

We are here to help you Innovate with Confidence.

I invite you to try on our new brand for size.  Does the “why” fit?

Check out the how and what, and visit our website to meet the new GigaSpaces brand.

Innovating with Confidence: GigaSpaces’ Rebranding Journey
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Karen Krivaa
VP Marketing @ GigaSpaces
Karen’s value to GigaSpaces comes from a solid high-tech foundation and over 20 years of marketing experience in product and portfolio solutions marketing. With her dynamic energy, executive vision and belief in ""team"", Karen executes data-driven strategies while strengthening the GigaSpaces brand. She is responsible for driving strategic marketing planning and execution, awareness and customer acquisition efforts across all channels and branding. Prior to joining GigaSpaces, Karen held leadership positions in companies including RADVISION, Alvarion, NICE and Applied Materials.
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