2018,  was a year of innovation, efficiency and agility as data generation continues to grow at unprecedented rates and the world simply becomes faster and indeed smarter.  The year proved that the need for speed and scale is escalating, and meaningful artificial intelligence (AI) and ML deployments are beginning to go live across multiple industries as enterprises are looking remain competitive from all aspects: optimized operations, regulation adherence and enhanced customer experience.

Gartner notes thatthe trend to digitalization is incessantly expanding and is driving the fast growth experienced by most IMC-enabling application infrastructure technologies,” in Predicts 2019: In-Memory Computing at a Turning Point, Driven by Emerging Persistent Memory Innovation (Dec 2018). “This is because they can cost-effectively support the real-time analytics, hyperscale architectures, mixed transactional and analytical workload, and fast access to vast data stores for analytics.”

Record Profits, Exponential Revenue Growth, New Customers and Partners

We are proud to announce today that GigaSpaces completed an exceptionally successful 2018 with record profits and strong financial cash flow.  Year over year exponential InsightEdge platform revenue growth continues due to the adoption of the in-memory real-time analytics platform by new and existing tier-1 customers and the signing of several significant OEM agreements.  The company also expanded its partner ecosystem with several new big data cloud technology and go-to-market partners. The addition of top-talents across regions has helped the company execute on its product strategy and exceed sales targets.

“Investments in operationalizing AI and machine learning for a broad range of applications and use cases, are growing rapidly across industries, as enterprises strive to become insight driven,” said Adi Paz, CEO at GigaSpaces.  “The combination of scale, high performance and high availability with a simplified unified architectural approach is powering our customers’ agility to rapidly develop and deploy modern real-time applications; increasing the demand for our products.”

Simplicity, Agility and Cloud-Nativeness

This past year, simplicity, agility and cloud-nativeness were at the forefront of GigaSpaces’ product strategy. Leading innovations released in 2018, are paving the way for enterprises to gain smarter and faster insights across cloud, on premise and hybrid environments as they run transactional and analytical workloads on real-time data, enriched with historical context.

In March 2018, a unique intelligent multi-tiered data storage approach was introduced to the MemoryXtend module allowing customized preferences for data prioritization per application to ensure that the most important data resides in the fastest data storage tier.  In its latest v14.0 release of InsightEdge and XAP, the MemoryXtend module integration with Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory significantly boosts capacity while retaining performance, drastically lowering total cost of ownership (TCO). GigaSpaces is among a select group of ISVs (including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft) who have integrated with Intel’s game-changing technology prior to broad availability in the first half of 2019.   

This release also included support for the Kubernetes environment, automating deployment and managing containerized applications at scale across all environments supporting major cloud providers including AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP and others.  

“Our customers are gaining the competitive edge by reducing long ETL processes, eliminating unnecessary data duplication and avoiding data ingestion bottlenecks from various data sources,” said Yoav Einav, VP Product at GigaSpaces.  “Our goal is to simplify enterprise big data architecture in the cloud and on-premise with the fastest software platform that can seamlessly plug and play on existing infrastructure such as Hadoop and Amazon S3. This powers both the acceleration of batch analytics and the ability to run event driven analytics and machine learning in real-time, enriched with historical context for creating new revenues and reducing costs.”

Partnering for Success

In 2018, Magic Software selected InsightEdge to power Magic Enterprises integration platform xpi with real-time AI and machine learning to achieve lean manufacturing, perform predictive maintenance and automate operational workflows in multiple industries by running machine learning models with sub-second latency.

Winning Accolades

GigaSpaces also received industry recognition in 2018, having been cited in six Gartner Hype Cycle reports for its in-memory real-time analytics platform, InsightEdge.  In addition, GigaSpaces customer Société Générale was awarded high recommendation for the Bank Technology’s Best Use of Data award by leveraging InsightEdge as a heterogeneous distributed worldwide Data Services platform for over 400 financial applications across three geographic locations.  GigaSpaces was also shortlisted for an additional Banking Technology Award based on a successful deployment at Daiwa Capital Markets.

Expanding the Executive Team

To continue acceleration of market-share, and growing number of deployments and product innovations, the company is expanding its teams globally and has augmented its executive team with the appointments of Yoav Einav, VP Product and Shai Zmigrod, Senior Vice President of Sales EMEA.  Yoav Einav, brings 12 years of strategic and hands-on experience in AI, machine learning, cloud, networking, storage, serverless, big data, Hadoop and virtualization domains.  Shai Zmigrod has over two decades of experience executing complex international sales strategies to expand the global presence of fast-growing technology companies.

Commitment to Customer Success

Combining AI, machine learning and contextually rich, real-time data with transactional processing across all environments is empowering businesses to increase accuracy and make smarter impactful data-driven decisions as they leverage instantaneous deep insights, and GigaSpaces continues to be committed to our customers success in their journey towards becoming insight-driven enterprises.

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Higher Performance, Scalability and Smarter Real-Time Insights are Powering Today’s Insight Driven Organizations
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Karen Krivaa
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Karen’s value to GigaSpaces comes from a solid high-tech foundation and over 20 years of marketing experience in product and portfolio solutions marketing. With her dynamic energy, executive vision and belief in ""team"", Karen executes data-driven strategies while strengthening the GigaSpaces brand. She is responsible for driving strategic marketing planning and execution, awareness and customer acquisition efforts across all channels and branding. Prior to joining GigaSpaces, Karen held leadership positions in companies including RADVISION, Alvarion, NICE and Applied Materials.
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