GigaSpaces will be presenting at the upcoming DevNexus 2017. Our Vice President of Product and Strategy, Ali Hodroj, will be speaking about Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing Using Spark and In-Memory Data Fabrics as part of the Data Science and Machine Learning sessions at the conference.

When and Where

DevNexus 2017


Increasingly, businesses are trying to achieve better insights out of large amounts of streamed data by bringing it closer to real time processing power and querying from a live data mart. At the moment we are witnessing a convergence of workflows and technology platforms for real time, analytics, cloud, and in-memory processing. This allows us to effectively address time-sensitive business decisions that involve the volumes of big data while benefiting from the velocities of real time processing. This involves real time analytics capabilities for price optimizations, fraud detection, risk calculations, and operational business intelligence.

In this session, we present a fast data pipeline solution architecture combining in-memory computing and a high performance Spark distribution. We will examine a large-scale transportation use case who implemented this solution for IoT real-time operational intelligence against billions of edge/sensor data points.

Speaker Bio 

Ali Hodroj is VP of Product and Strategy at GigaSpaces working with small and large organizations within financial services, retail, telecommunications, and internet media on their Cloud Computing, In-Memory Computing, and Scalability use cases. Prior to joining GigaSpaces, Ali spent his days in biomedical informatics working with big data, distributed computing, and JEE technologies.

Hope to see you there!

For more in-memory and real-time analytics insights from Ali, listen to our recent webinar with 451 Research Group.

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