The presentation below provides a sneak preview into one of the cool features of our upcomming Cloud Enabled Application Platform - Uniersal Service Manager (USM).
The universal service manager enable to handle the deployment, elasticity, continues avliability, scalabiltiy of existing application on any cloud or local data center. In this specific presentation were demonstrating how we can deploy NoSQL Service - Cassandra, using the USM , scale-it, monitor it, handle failure scenario etc. All that without writing any line of code and without any need for prior knowlage of GigaSpaes!
All you need to do is point to your cassandra directory, write few shell scripts for handling the pre-post deployment and the rest is taken care of by the platform.
Were showing a live demo of that feature on Cloud Connect, so if your in the area stop by our CloudConnect booth (106).  
For those interested in trying it out themselfs were going to make the first milestone avliable for public download by the end of this month.
You can also send an email to (pm at gigaspaces dot com) and register for updates on this new release!
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