How a Multi-Tiered Storage Model is the Key to Gaining Insights from Terabytes of Data in Real Time, at a Fraction of the Cost

With growing market demands for faster processing of constantly growing datasets, more and more companies turn to in-memory computing in order to get real-time processing of their data and to obtain application scalability and high availability. In-memory computing is random access memory (RAM) based and provides ultra-low latency and high performance for mission-critical real-time applications. Since RAM since RAM is costly, in-memory computing entails costs that can be prohibitive to many organizations.

This eBook reviews a solution for optimizing TCO with GigaSpaces MemoryXtend. MemoryXtend is a combination of GigaSpaces’ XAP in-memory computing platform and SSD. This solution enables a hybrid architecture which intelligently stores data on both RAM and SSD, allowing users to enjoy both high-speed processing and less expensive storage capacity.

The eBook also presents a benchmark with Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors and Intel® Optane™ SSDs. The results present how the combination of Intel’s latest hardware and the InsightEdge Platform goes beyond unifying fast-data analytics and transactional processing, by powering instant insight and actions on time-sensitive data in milliseconds. Enterprises that adopt this approach can easily create real time analytics applications that leverage machine learning with lower risk, lower TCO and high agility.

We have created an eBook to help you learn more about GigaSpaces MemoryXtend solution. In this eBook, we:

  • Address the data explosion and its challenges
  • Discuss the power of in-memory computing
  • Review the leading edge of in-memory computing: GigaSpaces XAP
  • Present the GigaSpaces MemoryXtend approach and how you can gain the Machine Learning Advantage
  • Learn about our benchmark with Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors and Intel® Optane™ SSDs
  • Review use cases for transportation, finance, and retail

Get your copy of our Machine Learning eBook here:

GigaSpaces Multi-Tiered Storage Model eBook

As organizations’ data continues to grow rapidly, they need to accommodate their solutions accordingly. A key benefit of having access to the right data at the right time is the ability to run advanced analytics and to combine it with machine learning for gleaning strategic business insights. GigaSpaces helps organizations leverage the full benefits of machine learning with the InsightEdge Platform, powered by our XAP In-Memory Data Grid, a fast data in-memory computing platform which converges analytical and transactional workloads in a unified open-source based software stack.

Download a trial version of MemoryXtend at no cost from our download center. To learn more about how you too can leverage MemoryXtend to maximize the benefits of machine learning for gaining real-time, actionable business insights visit our website.

eBook: Take Control of Your Data with a Multi-Tiered Storage Model
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