In the third quarter of 2016, GigaSpaces entered a new sphere as we completed the two-stage process of expanding our ecosystem, enhancing the value proposition of our IMC product line.

From our point of view, it was a necessary step. One that we have been waiting to take for quite some time now.

Spark™ User? Give InsightEdge a Spin!

How did GigaSpaces Expand its IMC Product Line?

First, we took our flagship in-memory computing product, XAP, which serves hundreds of large enterprises world-wide in production across various industries, and completely opened up its core.

Any developer can now get direct access to one of the world’s most mature, robust and widely adopted in-memory technologies, completely open and free.

Second, we launched a new product, InsightEdge, targeted for the high-performance analytics space.

InsightEdge is a high performance and enterprise-grade Spark distribution for fast-data workloads, leveraging the power of XAP extreme processing. Unlike any other Spark Distro out there, which are 70% in-memory based at most, our Spark solution is 100% in-memory which makes it faster than any other solution by an order of magnitude. In addition, our Spark Distro is secure and highly available for real enterprise-grade production environments.

Taking the technology and experience with real-life use cases from the extreme transaction processing market in order to solve a critical problem in the fast analytics space, allowed us to break the inherent performance limitation of Spark and provide the developer community with a super-fast and hardened Spark, and again – just like we did in XAP, free and open.

GigaSpaces Invests in its OSS Developer Community

The evolution in our product portfolio and opening it up for the community also has an impact on the way we approach and serve our customers in three aspects.

We have significantly increased the number of GigaSpaces expert staff located in our offices worldwide. We also expanded our ecosystem of well-trained distribution partners within the different regions that are located very closely to the end users, as well as further enlarged our technology partners that provide complementary solutions for complex use case.

And in addition to these two, we decided to invest in the developer community that is using our open source technologies and contributing to their evolution, with strong backing and support from GigaSpaces.

As we move forward, we will keep on finger on the pulse of our developer community, nurture it and together we can take even bigger steps in the future. In the meantime, check out our latest demo application for a taxi price surge use case that runs real-time analytics on a streaming geospatial data to learn more about InsightEdge.

Want to know more about taking your first steps with InsightEdge? Drop us a line at

GigaSpaces Expands IMC Product Line Ecosystem for Dev Community
Adi Paz
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