This presentation talks about how InsightEdge combines Apache Spark with an In-Memory Data Grid to deliver a fast data geo-analytics platform at scale. The result showcases reference architectures implementing an Uber-like use case for dynamic pricing algorithms based on location data as well as a customer case study.

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Geo-Analytics with Apache Spark and In-Memory Data Grids
Ali Hodroj
Vice President, Products & Strategy @ GigaSpaces
Ali Hodroj is the Head of Product and Technology Strategy at GigaSpaces, leading in-memory computing, big data, and machine learning/AI innovation. He’s responsible for driving the technology roadmap and vision for GigaSpaces products as well as strategic technology partnerships. He also held several other strategic roles at the company, including Director of Solution Architecture and Technology Evangelist, leading high-performance computing engagements within Fortune 500 organizations in finance, retail, telecommunications, and transportation. Prior to joining GigaSpaces, he served in technical roles at companies including General Electric, Intel, and Tektronix.
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