Leading industry analyst and consulting firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) published a new report discussing their key observations and perspective on GigaSpaces InsightEdge.

EMA’s Lyndsay Wise Business Intelligence Research Director released a short impact brief about GigaSpaces InsightEdge in which she explains how InsightEdge provides organizations with the ability to leverage Spark workloads to enable real-time analytics.

As analytics become more complex and organizations start to leverage big data and IoT within their traditional analytics environment, more flexibility is required. Open-source projects help support these needs by providing developers with access to a variety of source code that supports better access to data.

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The report states that InsightEdge supports both better development of products and better access to real-time analytics. Due to these enhancements within the new release, EMA recognizes GigaSpaces for its commitment to open-source access to Spark workloads, and the ability to leverage high-performance data grid technology.

“By leveraging expanded development within an open-source framework, organizations can take advantage of open-source technology, an in-memory platform, and diverse access to analytics. The market needs more solutions like InsightEdge to support both traditional and operational analytics and better access to data overall.”

Wise goes on to state that leveraging Spark creates an environment that lessens complexities and enhances diverse access to analytics. The ability to co-locate Spark jobs within both analytical and transactional environments within a single platform gives organizations the ability to address both traditional business intelligence and operational intelligence requirements.

Operational analytics against live data is true operational analytics in the sense of leveraging real-time data access to gain business and performance insight.

EMA report GigaSpaces

With sensor data becoming more important to many industries, and more diverse in data collection, integrating those sources with access to live transactional data expands the way in which organizations leverage both big data and IoT-related initiatives.

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EMA Publishes Report on GigaSpaces InsightEdge
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