If software is eating the world, then fast data analytics will surely chew it up. Once the digital transformation has made its way beyond the emergence phase, the next step is organic. Real-time decisions, operational analytics, and data science driven applications are baked into every angle to products and services. In other words, insight-driven transformation.

Today, It remains difficult (if not impossible) to find all the skills required for fast data analytics within any one individual. Consequently, a lot of companies are establishing “pod” teams which have a mix of roles, including application developer, data engineer, data scientists, analytics modeler, and business analyst. This is driven by the fact that data science itself is a “fail fast, recover fast” process which requires tight collaboration between applications and analytics tiers across iterations. But the reality of most distributed infrastructures is so much farther from this strategy. Many organizations are simply not large enough to justify spending valuable time, resources, and money building, managing, and maintaining an on-premises data science infrastructure. While some can migrate to the cloud to commoditize their infrastructure, those who cannot are challenged with the high costs and complexity of cluster-sprawling big data deployments.


This year, fast data analytics and cloud-nativeness are at the forefront of GigaSpaces’ product strategy. The combination of transaction and analytical processing (HTAP) for fast data insights supports our customers’ need to have seamless integration between applications and data science. That’s why today, we’re proud to announce the release of InsightEdge 2.1, featuring:

  • Apache Spark 2.1 support to enable Dataset API, continuous applications, and structured data processing.
  • XAP Data Grid 12.1 open core engine for full-text search indexing, native persistence with customizable data preload from SSD, and RESTful grid orchestration.
  • Improved Data Science Workbench with Apache Zeppelin 2.1.0 support.

InsightEdge 2.1, supporting HTAP, is built upon GigaSpaces open source core in-memory data grid engine, along with Apache Spark 2.1 (for data science and analytics). More importantly, the simplicity of InsightEdge as a unified applications and analytics distributed platform accommodates economies of scope across organizations and enables tighter collaboration between developers and data scientists, allowing for greater organizational efficiency and immediate business insight.

If your insight-driven transformation initiative is looking to spend more time generating value from your data, and less time managing the underlying infrastructure, then we invite you to let InsightEdge handle all the tough downstream components while empowering your organization to focus solely on unlocking insight. Welcome to GigaSpaces InsightEdge 2.1. 

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Charting the next Insight Platform Frontier: InsightEdge 2.1 GA
Ali Hodroj
Vice President, Products & Strategy @ GigaSpaces
Ali Hodroj is the Head of Product and Technology Strategy at GigaSpaces, leading in-memory computing, big data, and machine learning/AI innovation. He’s responsible for driving the technology roadmap and vision for GigaSpaces products as well as strategic technology partnerships. He also held several other strategic roles at the company, including Director of Solution Architecture and Technology Evangelist, leading high-performance computing engagements within Fortune 500 organizations in finance, retail, telecommunications, and transportation. Prior to joining GigaSpaces, he served in technical roles at companies including General Electric, Intel, and Tektronix.
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