It’s been a big week for big data, machine learning, and real-time analytics. Here’s a quick roundup of a few of our favorite posts from the past few days dedicated to what we love to kick off your day just right.

IOT Big data analytics news roundup

1. Realizing the potential of big data and analytics / @danielnewmanUV

Daniel Newman, CEO of Broadsuite Media Group and principal analyst at Futurum, is rightfully wondering whether the big promise of big data going mainstream has already happened and if so – is your business falling behind? In a recent Forbes article, Newman points out that according to the Harvard Business Review, a majority of today’s businesses are “nowhere close” to recognizing the value analytics can bring. Want to know what you can do about it? Check out his top tips to help you get your strategic business plan in place with the help of analytics.

2. What really happens to your (big) data after you die? / @BernardMarr

We have all amassed such massive digital footprints with interactions, social engagements and so on, that it really does beg the question – where will it all be 100 years from now? What does it mean for our digital assets and data, which continue to grow exponentially as time goes by? Bernard Marr, author & keynote speaker on business, technology and the effective use of data, goes six feet under to explore this somewhat muddled situation, discussing our digital collections, medical data, digital wills and beneficiaries and where it’s all heading – and it’s fascinating.

3. How machine learning impacts the need for quality content /@stonetemple

A fantastic post about how machine learning will likely be the driving force behind the evolution of quality content. As Google attempts to improve its understanding of language, better understand user intent, better evaluate the content quality and leverage user satisfaction/engagement data, there is a growing need for marketers to continuously improve content quality. Eric Enge, CEO of Stone Temple Consulting examines this idea with some insights for not only marketers but for any business that doesn’t want to get left behind.

4. 3 ways machine learning shapes customer experience /@BlakeMichelleM

Another interesting Forbes article to round up our list, this time from customer experience adviser Blake Morgan. If you’ve ever been on any kind of customer site, you’ve probably been recommended to buy suggested items you would never really purchase. That’s where machine learning comes in to the rescue. As Morgan explains, “Machine learning is solely focused on writing software that learns from past experiences and creates a more personalized and relevant experience for customers. This is incredibly powerful for customer experience because it allows brands to take advantage of the limited time they have to gain a customer’s trust in today’s swipe-right culture.” Read on to learn all about how machine learning will help the customer experience in three major ways.


Looking forward to covering more hot IoT, big data and real-time analytics news from around the web next time. For now, you’re invited to sign up to our Paris breakfast event on February 21st where you can meet our experts and learn more about what GigaSpaces can offer you.

Best Stuff We’ve Read this Week about Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning
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