Even though 7.0.1 is considered a minor version, when it comes to XAP.NET, it offers very powerful set of new features which improve the initial user experience, better monitoring capabilities and most importantly, exposing remote services over the grid. I feel very confident by saying that 7.0.1 XAP.NET offers a giant step ahead because of this feature set.

Space Based Remoting

In 7.0 we've added the new Space Task execution feature. Now in 7.0.1 using space tasks, we introduce the new and cool space based remoting capability which gives the ability to host services in the grid and consume them by using a dynamic proxy which is created at the client. For more details please visit Space Based Remoting.

Basic Processing Unit Container

Sometimes people may find it hard to understand what a processing unit is exactly, and how to create it. In order to ease and simplify the processing unit experience, we've added the Basic Processing Unit Container which is a smart built in implementation of the processing unit container interface. This container automatically detect start and manage gigaspaces related components for you, leaving you with the need to implement the business logic part of the processing unit only, and let the container take care of the GigaSpaces related components such as event containers , remote services and space proxies.

Management Center Integration

Last but not least, a very nice new feature is the ability to monitor the common processing unit components from GigaSpaces Managament Center. Now it is possible to see and monitor the different event listener containers and the remote services which belongs to a specific processing unit. For instance, one can see how many times a service has been invoked successfully or how many items have been processed by the different event containers.

All of these new features are demonstrated in the Data example.

Stay tuned for a detailed blog regarding Space Based Remotin.

Eitan Yanovsky

GigaSpaces R&D Core developer

7.0.1 – One giant step for XAP.NET
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