• The SLA Driven Cloud

    What does it take to make a Cloud Computing infrastructure enterprise ready ? Well, as always, this probably depends on the use case, but support for real-time scaling and SLA support must figure highly.

    Software that purports to scale the applications on the cloud is not new, have a look at our prior blog post on this topic, and you will see some of the usual suspects such as RightScale, and Scalr. A new offering in this space is by Tibco with its Tibco Silver offering. Tibco Silver is trying to solve the problem of not whether cloud services can scale but whether the applications themselves can scale with them. This problem is addressed by Silver through ’self aware elasticity’. Hmmm….sounds good but what exactly does that mean ? It means the system can automatically provision new cloud capacity (be that storage or compute) dependent upon fluctuations in application usage.

    According to Tibco, unlike services in a service-oriented architecture cloud services are not aware of the SLA’s to which they are required to adhere and Tibco Silver is aimed at providing this missing functionality. Tibco claim that “Self-aware elasticity” is something no other vendor has developed. I would dispute this. GigaSpaces XAP with it’s ability to deploy to the cloud as well as on-premise using the same technology has very fine grained application level SLA control that when breached allows the application to react accordingly, whether this be to increase the number of threads, provision new instances or to distribute workloads in a different way. GigaSpaces Service Grid technology enables support for this real-times elasticity.  The GigaSpaces Service Grid originated from Sun’s RIO Project. (interestingly GigaSpaces are doing some work on enabling their cloud tools to deploy to and manage VMWARE images on private clouds as they do with AMI’s on Amazon’s public cloud) 

    Without a doubt the ability to react in real-time to application level SLA’s rather than just breaches of an SLA at an infrastructure level is something that will find a welcome home in both private and public clouds.

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  • Space Based programming in .Net

    At a recent Skills Matter event in the UK Goyko Adzic presented  for over an hour on Space Based programming in .Net. The slides are embedded below, but as this blog is syndicated and sometimes the slides get stripped out, you can find them here.

    You can also view the Video of the presentation directly on Goyko’s blog here.

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