• Dynamic Service Deployment

    I recently created an integration with SunGrid Engine. This was easy to do – requiring only that a listener be written that hears JMX events that are produced by our product. As you may know, with GigaSpaces you can create watches for the services yo…

  • Memory Capacity Planning – The Footprint Benchmark

    The goal of this benchmark is to measure the memory footprint of the indexes the space maintains to boost read/take operations when searching for matching objects. This should help users to plan the amount of memory to allocate when doing their capacity planning prior deploying the application.  See blow the final Conclusions and the detailed report: – XAP 6.6 consumes less memory compared to XAP 6.5 with indexed data. – XAP 6.6 consumes about 85 bytes less per index value
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  • How to Implement my Processor? – The Polling Container Benchmark

    When implementing SBA application one of the first artifacts you need to implement would be a “processor”. The processor would be the core of the system. It will consume incoming data, digest it and come up with some output result.  You can think about this processor as a subscriber listening for incoming messages sent into a queue and executing some business logic based on the incoming message data. As you know, with the SBA approach, a processor is implemented via
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  • Write Latency Benchmark

    This post will focus on the Write latency benchmark. This benchmark is relevant mostly for trading applications that are required to submit a request into the backend system as fast as they can. The goal of this benchmark is to understand how much time it takes for a single write operation done by a single remote client to be completed over a fast LAN. This measurement does not necessarily mean how many write operations per second a client may perform
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  • Multi Core Scalability Benchmark – Sun T5240

    I've been doing some benchmarks for various product aspects recently. Beyond the (great) end result numbers we have got, there is an interesting story behind each benchmark that I would like to share with you. If you are interested with the full benchmark report, just send us a request to sales@gigaspaces.com. Multi Core Scalability Benchmark The goal of this benchmark is to examine to space client proxy and space scalability under heavy load of concurrent activity when the client application
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  • How scalable is GigaSpaces? – The GigaSpaces XAP 6.5 Benchmark Report

    As you all know GigaSpaces XAP 6.5 is on its way out to the market. This release involves incredible effort that is basically a collection of large amount of improvements with the product scalability. These are result of feedback we gathered from the field and customers around the globe. One of the final tasks we have done was measuring the product performance in different aspects where the main focus is to measure how far it can scale. The focus was
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