• GigaSpaces at Supercomputing 2008, Nov 17-20, Austin, TX

    Want better ROI on your HPC investment? Want to move transactional, business-critical applications to your grid and rip the benefits of the “new HPC”? Come visit GigaSpaces at the Sun booth in SC08, the international conference for high performance computing. Learn how our joint offerings help enterprises of all sizes run more complex simulations, forecasts and models on lower cost hardware, and deliver greater precision and higher quality decisions in near real time. We will be demoing GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform (XAP)
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  • Dynamic Service Deployment

    I recently created an integration with SunGrid Engine. This was easy to do – requiring only that a listener be written that hears JMX events that are produced by our product. As you may know, with GigaSpaces you can create watches for the services yo…

  • Holy .NET Batman! GigaSpaces6.6 for .NET is so cool!

    I just installed the GigaSpaces product for .NET found here: Latest Downloads

    I installed it in two clicks – using the default install and discovered the remarkable and oh so sexy .NET functionality demo that has no parallel (yet) in the Java version…

  • Edge High Performance Computing

    I ran across this excellent article on Edge HPC and by golly, it sounds like the need for both of the following is growing at a huge rate:

    Increasing the efficiency of the software solutions made to solve business problems
    Providing adaptability o…