Class-Based Eviction Strategy: Going Beyond LRU

Consider you are building a financial back-office trade processing application. Trades are flowing in from the front-office system. To cope with the velocity and volume of the trades you want to use in-memory processing. The trades are usually settled no

Trade and Event Processing at a Massive Scale – QCon NY 2012

  Trade and Event Processing at a Massive Scale – QCon NY 2012 Here is Uri Cohen's presentation from his session at QCon NY. Session Abstract: Efficient, low-latency and in-order trade processing has always been at the focus of financial institutions

Space Based programming in .Net

At a recent Skills Matter event in the UK Goyko Adzic presented  for over an hour on Space Based programming in .Net. The slides are embedded below, but as this blog is syndicated and sometimes the slides get stripped out, you can find them here.

You can also view the Video of the presentation directly on Goyko’s blog here.

As a follow up to GigaSpaces XAP for .net I’d suggest you look at:

Space Task and Distributed Space Tasks also known as Map Reduce in XAP.NET

.NET local cache is out

Ultra fast local cache implementation for .NET

Event listener container abstraction for .NET

XAP.NET speaks Java?