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Space Based programming in .Net

At a recent Skills Matter event in the UK Goyko Adzic presented  for over an hour on Space Based programming in .Net. The slides are embedded below, but as this blog is syndicated and sometimes the slides get stripped out, you can find them here.

You can also view the Video of the presentation directly on Goyko’s blog here.

As a follow up to GigaSpaces XAP for .net I’d suggest you look at:

Space Task and Distributed Space Tasks also known as Map Reduce in XAP.NET

.NET local cache is out

Ultra fast local cache implementation for .NET

Event listener container abstraction for .NET

XAP.NET speaks Java?

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Space Task and Distributed Space Tasks also known as Map Reduce in XAP.NET

7.0 XAP.NET GA will provide a new powerful capability, known as space tasks. A space task is a custom user code representing a logical task that is executed at the space behind the proxy and returns its result to the invoker. The task also receives an embedded proxy to the node it runs within once


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Why GigaSpaces ?

As the festive season approaches and sales cycles close and we prepare for another year, that by all accounts is going to be a difficult year for the economy worldwide, my thoughts turn to the choices that companies have when they look to implement projects and technologies next year. To that end I thought I’d limit myself to 3 reasons why I think you should choose the GigaSpaces product over alternative competitive products (in no particular order – and it was hard sticking to 3 !):

  • Language interoperability: Although GigaSpaces is a Java based product it has full interoperability with .Net, C++, and scripting languages such as JavaScript, PHP, JRuby, Python etc. Not only that it also works with Map(JSR-107), SQL queries via JDBC and has Excel ‘Cloud’ integration. No other competitive technology has such breadth of interoperability, and GigaSpaces .Net and C++ technologies are now in their 3rd generation. See Shay Hassidim’s great blog entry to find out more about our C++ API and our .Net team’s overview of the latest .Net release. I’d also suggest having a look at Nati Shalom’s blog post discussing how to achieve risk analysis on the cloud using Excel. My own OpenSpaces project utilising GigaSpaces with PHP to build an iPhone web application is available with source code here.
  • Performance: Quite simply over this last year I have seen GigaSpaces out perform the competition in a variety of financial services, telecommunications, and manufacturing accounts. Forget simple ‘Get’ and ‘Put’s’, I’m talking about heavy load transactions scaling out linearly. GigaSpaces literally blew away the competition. For more on performance I’s suggest checking out the great blog posts by our performance expert, Shay Hassidim: You want it fast or super fast ?; Scaling the web layer – the web container benchmark;Memory Capacity Planning – the footprint benchmark;Write Latency benchmark. Of course GigaSpaces also broke record processing transactions with the Sun T5240 server.
  • Cloud Computing: GigaSpaces is the only of its competition have wholly embraced Cloud Computing. What does this mean ? This means that we have integrated it into our development environment, made it available on Public Clouds such as Amazon EC2, FlexiScale and GoGrid, and entered into value added partnerships with other cloud vendors where it makes sense, such as CohesiveFT and RightScale. I have personally seen the flexibility this gives small and large organisations not only from a pay-on-demand- utility compute viewpoint, but technically, in the ability to be able to do testing early on the cloud, and being able to use the cloud for ‘burst’ when internal resources are saturated, to companies hosting new applications on the cloud entirely. I notice from Googling that someone has posted a presentation from Nati Shalom on getting ready for the cloud on Slideshare so I am going to take advantage of this and embed it here so you can find out more about GigaSpaces and Cloud Computing.
  • As I said limiting to 3 was tough, I could have blogged about GigaSpaces unique ability to scale out Spring applications, or about how GS’s unique approach to middleware by condensing the tiers is the reason why the product is ultra scalable, or how you get so many more ‘ilities’ as part of the architecture that you would using alternatives, such as queueing and messaging….well you get the point ;-)

    It only remains for me to say, may you you make the right choices for your organisation next year, and may the holiday season bring you some peace before 2009 begins. Happy Holidays !

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