• Java and Center Stage: Meet us at JavaOne 2011

    It seems that now Java is taking center stage in the Cloud world, with more application platforms such as SalesForce/Heroku, VMware, Redhat/OpenShift, Cloud.com, JClouds, and obviously GigaSpaces providing a rich set of offerings that are based on…

  • Caches: an unpopular opinion, explained

    Your ads will be inserted here byAdSense Now! Lite.Please go to the plugin admin page to paste your ad code.I have an unpopular opinion: caches indicate a general failure, when used for live data. This statement tends to ruffle feathers, because caches are very common, accepted as a standard salve for a very common problem; […]

  • Running Simple GigaSpaces Apps with Groovy

    In a few of my posts, I provide bits and pieces of code as samples of how you can do things with GigaSpaces. After looking at the Quartz Scheduler quickstart, I realized that I was violating my own principles of how to show things online – by not providing clear processes and full example code.
    The […]

  • Cloudify for Azure

    By now, if you’re following GigaSpaces, you should probably have heard about our new Cloudify for Azure offering. In this post I’ll try to provide a high level overview of what this offering is about, how it was conceptualized, and what are its benefits for the end user.    Cloudify – A Brief Intro  If I were to summarize Cloudify’s mission statement to a single sentence – it would be to cloud-enable enterprise and mission critical apps easily and non-intrusively. 
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  • Mirroring GigaSpaces XAP to NoSQL

    Ah, caches[0]. Caches are easy to use, but not always easy to load; what typically happens is that you modify your reads and writes to check a cache first (using data from the cache if present, and loading the cache if not; updates store data in the cache as well as the data store, in […]

  • GigaSpaces XAP’s WAN Gateway

    In a distributed environment, if you can’t send data from one peer to another peer, you’re… not actually distributed. It’s one of the first things shown to users of distributed products, with good reason: sharing data is the whole point, right? If you can’t synchronize between peer nodes in a given cluster, you’re not really […]

  • Big Data Application Platform

    It’s time to think of the architecture and application platforms surrounding "Big Data" databases. Big Data is often centered around new database technologies mostly from the emerging NoSQL world. The main challenge that these databases solve is how to handle…