• Overview of what is new in XAP.NET 8.0.1

    Docu.NET API One of GigaSpaces XAP 8.0 new APIs is the SpaceDocument that provides the power of having schema-less objects stored and used within the Space. In 8.0.1 we have added the SpaceDocument to the XAP.NET, which was given the cool code name – Docu.NET. In short, a document is a virtual type that contains its properties in key value form, similar to a dictionary. You can read a more detailed blog post about this here, that demonstrates the schema-less
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  • Multi-tenancy: emulation or the real thing? – My Take

    Phil Wainewright wrote and interesting take on Zdnet (Multi-tenancy: emulation or the real thing?) where he outlines different multi-tenancy levels: Hosting single-tenant applications on multi-tenant infrastructure Redistributing application processes across virtualized machines Injecting a user-specific column in the database driver…