4 Major Usability Concerns for Enterprise-Scale Monitoring

When it comes to DevOps, the less time you have to spend searching for information, the better. You need a system that provides access to all of your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). In real time and presented in views that

Bridging the Gap between Insight and Action

As published on Datanami, in the past few years, IT leaders and C-level executives have associated ”big data” with looking at historical information with a fresh set of eyes. The concept has been to delve further into transactions retrospectively to

Introducing XAP 12: Fast Data Meets Open Source In-Memory Computing

Today, every company in finance, retail, telecommunications and transportation has a fast data agenda. At the heart of this agenda is a scalable fast data application platform that enables three key imperatives. First, optimizing business processes to streamline operational efficiency. Second, simplifying decision making in the